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Michel Bibeau

Canadian Producer

more than 40 Years in the Music Industry

Michel Bibeau Started as Producer

- Engineer at the end of the 70's

He wrote and produced for

Many famous canadian artists:

Jimmy Ray (Kat Mandu), Nancy Martinez,

Karen Sylver, Pierre Perpall (Purple_Flash), Géraldine Hunt, Junior Byron, Martin Stevens, Marc Gabriel, Le_Boyfriend, DJ Ray, Mc Mario

and others!

Michel was a DJ

He was also the Creator of the Famous

"Hot_Plates" and "Down_Town_Mixes"

Released on Unidisc Record Label

and many other Record Labels.

Owner of Music Stores

from 1994 to 2012

Guitare_Shoppe & Mission_Musik_PC

Selling Musical instruments &

Digital Audio Recording equipment

in 2015 "MB Audio Lab" was born!

Software Development

Creation of  Audio_Units, VST, VST3 Plug-ins

for Mac & PC