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Michel Bibeau Producer
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Michel Bibeau

Canadian Producer

more than 45 Years in the Music Industry

Michel Bibeau Started as Producer

- Engineer at the end of the 70's

He wrote and produced for

Many famous canadian artists:

Jimmy Ray (Kat Mandu), Nancy Martinez,

Karen Sylver, Géraldine Hunt, DJ Ray,

Pierre Perpall aka:

(Purple_Flash,  Pluton_And_Humanoids),  

Junior Byron, Martin Stevens, Marc Gabriel, Le_Boyfriend, Mc Mario and others!

Michel was a DJ

He was also the Creator of the Famous

"Hot_Plates" and "Down_Town_Mixes"

Released on Unidisc Record Label

and many other Record Labels.

Owner of Music Stores

from 1994 to 2012

Guitare_Shoppe & Mission_Musik_PC

Selling Musical instruments &

Digital Audio Recording equipment

in 2015 "MB Audio Lab" was born!

Software Development

Creation of  Audio_Units, VST, VST3 Plug-ins

for Mac & PC

My First Recording Studio 4 Track in 1980
My 8 Track Recording Studio in 1982
16 Track Recording Studio in 1984 (1)
16 Track Recording Studio in 1984 (2)
24 Track Recording Studio in 1992
My Music Store
My 24 Track Studio
My 24 Track Studio