" Ultimate Bass "

" Ultimate Bass "

Ultimate Bass includes

" 251 of the Best Bass Sounds "

Sampled from 24 different instruments

1 Acoustic Electric Bass, 3 Stand Up Bass,

6 Electric Bass, 6 Monophonic Analog Synth,

6 Polyphonic Analog Synth

& 2 Polyphonic Digital Synth

Stack up to 4 Instruments

to be Played Simultaneously

Unique XY Pad Mixer with "Randomize" Feature!

Access Millions of Combinations

with just one click

A Possibility of 161,455,750

of non Repeating Combinations


" 53 Convoluted Reverb  Spaces "

(list displayed in Convoluted Spaces .pdf)

"  10 Amplifier Convolutions "

Bassman, DG 4x10, EDN 4x10, HK 4x10,

OR 4x12, SVT 8x10, SVT 1x15, SWR 1x15,

TE 4x12, V4 2x12

Parametric EQ with Draggable EQ Points

Compressor, Flanger, Stereo Delay,

Tremolo - Auto Pan, Distortion, Chorus,

Auto / Manual Wah Wah FX

"Programmable Arpeggiator-Sequencer"

& Midi File Player


Mac OSX Trial Version


Windows Trial Version

No Paypal Account Required !

Special 69.99 USD No Tax