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MB Virtual Fx "Digiverb Free"

MB Audio Lab "DigiVerb" Free

MB Virtual Fx "Digiverb Free" - Stand Alone Application - VST - VST3 - Audio Unit - Fx Plugins for Mac and PC

DigiVerb Free

Stand Alone Application,

Audio Unit ,VST & VST3

Mac OS X 10.6.8 to 10.14.x Mojave

Windows 7-8-10

15 Presets to use in Insert +

15 Preset to use with FX Sends

Reverb Presets Include:

Small Space  - Medium Space

Large Space - XLarge Space

Infinite Reverb

Plates Reverb - Rooms  Reverb

& Hall Reverb

Adjustable Room Size

Hi Frequency Damping Control

Mono - Stereo or Reverse Stereo

Image Control

Dry Volume - Wet Volume

Input & Output VU Meters


The Mac OS Free Version

Mac OS


The Windows Free Version


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