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On Windows or Mac

i Get the Error

Unable to Load this Instrument !

"After entering the Serial Number"

The Answer :

it's Because the Serial Number

was not entered Properly!

do not add empty Spaces

Before or After the Serial number

and the Serial numbers

are with "Capital letters"

On Windows

i get the error

Can not find

any Instruments!

The Answer :

you probably moved

the plug-in to another location

the plug-ins are using a

xxx.dll or xxx.vst3

and a xxx .instruments folder

the xxx.instrument folder and plug-in

needs to be in the same Location

with the xxx.dll or xxx.vst3

My Plug-in uses

"Articulation Key Switch"

How do i Automate

the Articulations

in a Project ?

The Answer :

you have to Record

the Keyboard Notes

on the Midi Track to automate

the Articulation Recall.

(it's the Pink Section on the Keyboard)

Why do i hear

a click at the end

of the samples ?

The Answer :

The Release Function of the


is too Short !

it's Cutting the end

of the Sample

Where are


Plug-ins Located

on Windows

and Mac OS X ?

The Answer here !

Where are

AU (Audio Units)


Located on

Mac OS X ?

The Answer Here !

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